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Years of this behavior. I use this app frequently for reviewing construction documents and drawings. It's always served me well, as it is significantly more stable than viewing with a browser, especially with large files. I would like to see the ability to add folders built into the app. This is a feature that is available on the iOS version of the app, and allows files to be organized in app.

Little disappointing that simple feature is not available on Android. Hi there! If you face any issues, let us know in our community: adobe. We will love to help you out and try to make your experience even better. Now you can log in to Acrobat with your Google account. Microsoft Word: Edit Documents. Adobe Express: Graphic Design.

Photoshop Express Photo Editor. If you want to draw lines on PDF, many ways can be done with perfection. You must get to know every aspect of the problem. It is the best and the state of the art feature of the PDF that many people use, and therefore it is an important phenomenon.

If you need to draw line in PDF, such as drawing a straight line, diagonal line, dashed line in PDF, here are 4 easy solutions for you. It is one of the best PDF programs that you can use to get the work done.

You can draw straight lines, dashed lines, arrows, etc. You can customize the color, shape, opacity, pixel of the drawn lines. Click the button below to download it to have a try. Draw a straight line in PDF. By default, the lines you draw with PDFelement will be straight and red. You can draw vertical, straight, and diagonal lines as you need. You can change the color, pixel, and opacity of the lines in properties. Draw a dashed line in PDF. After drawing a line, click the line shape button to select a dash line pattern.

There are 6 patterns available: dashed line, dash-dotted line, dotted line, etc. You can adjust the color and pixel. Draw an arrow in PDF. There are also 9 arrow patterns you can choose from. You can easily customize the shape, direction, and color of the arrow. Double click the line to add notes, and right-click it to choose "Properties" to change the color, opacity, and pixel of the lines.

With PDFlement, you can also draw rectangles, circles, ovals, or any shape with the pencil tool. You can also make annotations with the highlight, underline, comments and notes. As a PDF editor, you can edit text, images, and more. When a pop-up note is open but not selected, an opacity value of makes the note opaque, while lower values make it more transparent. Enable Text Indicators And Tooltips. Shows a tool tip when you place the pointer over a comment that includes a pop-up note.

The tool tip contains the author name, comment status, and two lines of the text. Selected by default. Print Notes And Pop-ups. Specifies that pop-up notes associated with comments, and icons for note, audio, and file attachments print exactly as they appear on the page. For more details, refer the document to print comments. When you place the pointer over a comment markup such as a highlight or a note icon , the shaded connector line appears.

As you scroll a PDF, the pop-up notes on a given page shift to stay in view within the document pane. A pop-up note appears when you create a comment using a drawing tool, the Stamp tool, or the Pencil tool. When you place the pointer over a comment of any type, including drawing markups and stamps, the pop-up note opens. Determines which name appears in the pop-up note you create.

If this option is selected, the Login Name in the Identity panel of the Preferences dialog box is used. Aligns pop-up notes with the right side of the document window, regardless of where the comment markup such as a note icon or highlighting comment is added. If this option is deselected, the pop-up note appears next to the comment markup. Allow nested reply to sticky notes requires restart.

Allows reply to Sticky Notes with a single-thread experience. If this option is selected, each annotation appears like a conversation and all replies appear like a single-thread experience. Show checkbox. Copies text that you circle using the drawing tools in the pop-up note associated with the drawing markup.

Copies selected text to the pop-up note associated with text editing comments, such as those created by the Highlight Text tool. You can change the color and appearance of comments or markups before or after you create them. You can set the new look as the default appearance for that tool. For the selected tool, you can use the Color Picker and Text Properties icons availabe on the Comment toolbar.

Alternatively, you can choose Properties from the right-click context menu, and then select appropriate options. After you create a comment, right-click the comment or its icon and then choose Properties from the righ-click context menu.

Click the Appearance tab to change such options as the color and type of icon used. The type of comment selected determines which options are available. Click the Review History tab to see the history of changes people have made to the status of a comment during a review. Select Locked at the bottom of the Properties dialog box to prevent the comment from being edited or deleted.

Select Make Properties Default at the bottom of the Properties dialog box to apply these properties to all subsequent comments of this type. All comments you create using this tool display the properties you set. When you use mention in your personal commenting notes in a PDF file, the review mode gets enabled for you. The reviewers get an invitation email with a link to the Document Cloud shared review file. Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy.

User Guide Cancel. Watch a quick video tutorial and get started. Add comments while viewing a PDF document. If you are unable to see these options, update Acrobat to the latest version.

Annotations and drawing markup tools overview. Show annotations and drawing markup tools. Select an annotation or drawing markup tool. Open the Comment toolbar and select the desired annotation tool.

To select the drawing markup tool, open the Comment toolbar and click the Drawing Tools icon. Select the desired tool from the Drawing Tools menu. Keep an annotation tool selected. You can add multiple comments without reselecting the tool. Add a sticky note. Add a sticky note comment. If you close the pop-up note, your text remains. Edit a sticky note comment. Click or double-click the note icon. Make changes, as needed:. To resize the pop-up note, drag the lower-left or lower-right corner.

Copy partial text in a sticky note comment. Select the text, and then right-click and copy text. Delete a sticky note. Select the note icon, and press Delete. Add a text comment. Choose the Add Text Comment tool from the Comment toolbar. Click on the page to place the cursor.

Change author name for comments. Add a line, arrow, or shape. When selecting a drawing tool, consider the effect you want. Draw in the PDF:. To edit or resize the markup, select it and drag one of the handles to make your adjustments. To add a pop-up note to the markup, select the Hand tool, and double-click the markup.

To delete a drawing markup, select it and press Delete. Group and ungroup markups. You cannot group text edit markups. Group markups. Using the Select tool or the Hand tool, select a markup. Right-click within the selection, and choose Group. Ungroup markups. Right-click the grouped selection, and choose Ungroup.



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Sorry but complete newbie here and after looking at very slow help section Adobe am close to giving up. How can i draw a line of dots and dashes preferrably on a pdf plan drawing of a building plan. I have imported the pdf a plan view of a building plot with house and fencing etc. I would like to add a line both straight and shaped where there isn't one and erase a part of a line where there is. I can add text and all of the other things but i don't want to but can't find the "line drawing tool" I am using Continous Release Version I have the "edit and test tool" but all of the options are grayed out and I can't no "line" there anyway.

Please help - anyone. Thank you. Very helpful. Thank you again for the first help? After the line is corrected, you will see the line options to the right next to 1. When you click on that you can directly change the thickness and you'll also see a "Gear" icon, click that 2. This brings up the Line Properties. From there on the left isde you can see "Style" options, 3 and there are dots and dashes to your pleasure.

Plust you can alter Ends, Thickness much easier than dragging that slider and a few other options. If you look at the very bottom of this window you can see "Make Properties Default. This is great. Easy when you know how but not obvious when you don't. Adobe Support Community.

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Learn more. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Adobe Community Professional , Aug 14, Aug 14, Hi Nick, Be a bit warned, this is a bit clunky but very doable. After you go into shapes, select "Line" and draw your line After the line is corrected, you will see the line options to the right next to 1.

When you click on that you can directly change the thickness and you'll also see a "Gear" icon, click that 2 This brings up the Line Properties. Plust you can alter Ends, T Jump to latest reply. Bernd Alheit. In Response To Bernd Alheit. Post Reply. About Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Inc. Whats new in Acrobat DC. Plan and Pricing. Edit PDFs.

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